Move to Boca Raton, Florida Right now! – Or you might miss your opportunity.

Why Homes in Boca Raton are selling fast compared to nearby cities.


Are you in for a change?
Are you looking for your dream house?
Are you not sure where to move?
Are you into sunny porches that look over to quiet beaches? 

If you answered my questions with a ‘yes’, then I would encourage you to keep reading on as I present to you the reasons why houses in Boca Raton are selling fast and you should get one for yourself ASAP!

“I am the rendezvous of the rich… I am the dream of a genius, the materialization of a magical mirage. I am the sun porch of America. I am Boca Raton in 1927.”
-Addison Mizner

This advertisement was a narcissistic approach of Addison Mizner to act as a stimulus in the development of Boca Raton. Although much has changed ever since and the city that began as a small farming village in 1903, is now what people majorly refer to as “the Beverly Hills of South Florida.”

Boca Raton is the place that lies like a bridge in the middle of two beaches on either side. It is halfway between the Deerfield Beach at its north and Delray Beach on its south.

Boca, as the locals refer to it owes much of the credit of its birth and popularity to Mizner. Addison Mizner was a Californian architectural enthusiast who became the name and face of the society when he started his project of building Palm Beach resort homes. In 1925, he along side with his partners had purchased almost 1600 acres of land in Boca Raton and to this day he has left his marks on Boca. The Mediterranean Revival style of the architecture can be noticed all along the city and that is how Mizner succeeded in putting Boca on the map.

This picturesque place is so inviting with the romantic Florida beach vibes and a living society that has been inspired from the mid-20th century. The books, music, and movies of the 20th century have heavily influenced the overall outlook of the city and people to find it oddly casual and comforting here.

But the city is much more than just romantic beach vibes and architectural aesthetics as the rapidly growing city has it economic environment boosting. The houses in Boca Raton are selling fast as people are realizing how beautiful the city is and comforting for living too.

If you are up for selling your house in Boca Raton then don’t miss out on the chance when the economy is at its peak and people are readily purchasing houses here. Contact the Boca Raton Real Estate Market for putting up your house on the list as we describe the reasons why people should consider Boca Raton as their new dream city!

Here are 12 reasons why Boca Raton, Florida is the place you had dreamt about in your sleep and now your dream has come true!

1. Amazing Neighborhood 
Boca offers low tax rates therefore The Palm Beach County can be assessed easily and the mid-century architecture offers picturesque places to be able to live in.

2. Plenty of Economic Growth
Boca Raton’s business environment has generated over 8000 new jobs in the last five years which means that switch over to Boca wouldn’t mean unemployment for you, there are many industries involved in the business sector and you can quickly and easily settle down here financially and economically.

3. Educational Institutions
With a student population of approximately 40,000 coming in the city, Boca Raton is home to well-reputable higher education institutions such as:
Florida Atlantic University
Lynn University
Palm Beach State College
Everglades University
Digital Media Arts College

4. Social Lifestyle
You can’t expect to be at house arrest when living in Boca Raton because of the happening society and people living around you. Being a small city Boca Raton has its people connected to each other, contributing to a social lifestyle and living,

5. Greenery
Boca Raton houses 46 parks covering 16000 acres of parkland where the Mizner Park serves as one of the most tourist attracting places in the city. This allows a good amount of beautiful and elaborate natural habitats for the city and the people living in it.


7. Sports Facilities
The beautiful beaches and parks provide great sports facilities for activities like snorkeling and gold. The annual Allianz Championship attracts tourists from all over the world to watch great senior gold players battle it out on the Boca grounds.

8. Great Places to Dine In
The restaurants and the dine in experiences are getting better year after year as the city introduces both local and the special cuisines of the whole United States for tourist and people living there too can enjoy the great dynamics in food right at one place.

9. Everything Royal
The Royal Palm and Sanctuary allows great tax rates to the city as well as clubs where every celebrity and Hollywood elites are seen enjoying themselves.

10. The Miami Beach Vibes
You will get all the Miami Beach vibes but because the local population hardly makes it 100,000 you will get the best quiet beach feel ever in the world, as if you own the beach here.

11. Ferry Rides
About just 85 miles in the Atlantic you have the Great Bahamas Freeport so whenever you feel exotic, you can just jump in a ferry and take a ride to your tropical land.

12. Monks Brewery
Barrel of Monks is the city’s first production brewery and craft beer is a popular commodity in Boca Raton. This means you can drink your very own in-house beer in your house!

So in conclusion, these are the best reasons we could come up to specify amongst so many others that may attract you buy a place in Boca Raton for your new dream house and do it ASAP because the property in Boca Raton are selling fast!