Top Reasons to move to Boca Raton

South Florida is undoubtedly one of the finest places to call home, and Boca Raton is one of the finest cities the area has to offer. Located in Palm Beach County, this city is filled to the brim with life — from parks, to shopping, to culture, and beaches. That said, unless you already call this beautiful location home, it is possible that you’re unaware of what this city has to offer. That’s where we come in.
Here are some great reasons to move to Boca Raton:

 Reasons to Move to Boca Raton
*The only snow you get in Boca Raton is on Holiday Cards

If you like shopping you will love Boca Raton with one of the most luxurious shopping malls Town Centre Mall and plazas in the country called Mizner Park.

The great thing about Boca Raton is it has tons of history.  If you like a village feel you will love the city of Boca Raton.  Some of the best restaurants in the country.  Chefs such as Gordon Ramsey from Hells Kitchen has restaurants here.  Boca Raton has everything from gourmet restaurants to the casual pizza.  All great food and great atmosphere.
One of the many things Boca Raton is known for is its gorgeous parks & beaches another reason why you should call Boca Raton home.
If you are concerned about a terrorist attack than choose Boca Raton because they tend to live here, and they usually do not bomb where they live.

If you like celebrities than Boca Raton is for you.  You can be your own paparazzi with Chris Evert, Andy Roddick, Jeff Gordon, Oprah Winfrey, Cris Carter living amongst us to name a few.

Boca Raton is heaven. It is a luxurious and upscale city where you will find Bentley’s Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, and Mercedes driving around the streets as if they were Toyota’s.  The cost of living however is minimal compared to some of its counterparts like New York and Los Angeles. If you are considering a move, and want to enjoy the beaches, parks, sunset cruises, the very best Pina Coladas around, consider Boca Raton and tour the city.  I am pretty sure you will like what you see.

1. A-Rated Schools and Universities
Palm Beach County, and Boca Raton specifically, has been recognized year after year since 2006 for having “A” rated schools. Boca Raton is home to a number of highly esteemed public, charter and private preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges. Each educational institution offers different class sizes to accommodate a wide spectrum of learning needs.

2. Great Neighborhoods
Boca Raton offers an abundant selection of homes. Whether you prefer beach side condos, single-family homes in the suburbs or gated communities, or homes located near golf course greens, your preferences can be met. Boca Raton also offers a low tax rate which is a great incentive for those shopping for a home. To complement the spectacular real estate options, the neighbourhoods are also known for a strong sense of community.

3. Economic Growth
Over the past five years, Boca Raton has experienced tremendous growth in its business climate. Statistics show an addition of almost 8,000 new jobs. A wide variety of industries call this South Florida city home, ranging from hospitals to IBM. Whatever your profession, you are sure to find bountiful opportunities in Boca Raton.

4. No State Income Tax
Florida is one of seven states that has no income tax. This fact not only attracts home buyers, but business owners and corporations as well. The lack of a state income tax is closely tied to the areas economic development and impressive growth.

5. Endless Attractions
In Boca Raton, there is simply no such thing as having nothing to do. Mizner Park and Town Centre Mall are home to endless shops, restaurants, and entertainment opportunities. Additionally, the city features several museums and festivals for residents and visitors to enjoy throughout the year. Finally, Boca is home to a multitude of parks, playgrounds and outdoor recreation areas to suit all ages and enable full enjoyment of South Florida weather and the outdoor living lifestyle.